About Us

META Advisors LLC

META Advisors LLC* specializes post-confirmation administration of bankruptcy estates under plans of liquidation, plans of reorganization and out-of-court workouts. META Advisors has implemented plans and wind downs of debtors in numerous industries, including energy, retail, technology, restaurant, healthcare and steel. Through this experience, META Advisors has developed a blueprint for administering trusts and other post-confirmation vehicles effectively, and has significant expertise in handling many of the more complex issues that arise during the restructuring or liquidation process.

Trust Establishment
META Advisors drafts and negotiates liquidating trust agreements and related documents, including relevant provisions of plans and confirmation orders, to ensure that the liquidating trust or other post-confirmation vehicle has the authority and procedures in place to ensure a seamless transition and effective wind-down.
Claim Reconciliation
Our engagements involve the reconciliation and liquidation of creditor claims in various classes. We have addressed legal issues and disputes regarding insider claims, taxes, personal injury claims and late claims filed by unknown creditors.
Asset Recovery & Liquidation
META Advisors is skilled at recovering and monetizing trust assets. META Advisors has recovered deposits, return of collateral, unclaimed funds, judgments, retained receivables and tax refunds.
Litigation/Avoidance Actions
META Advisors analyzes potential litigation claims, including actions to avoid and recover unauthorized, preferential and/or fraudulent transfers pursuant to applicable provisions of the Bankruptcy Code and non-bankruptcy law.