This website is established pursuant to the GUC Recovery Trust Agreement and Declaration of Trust entered into in connection with the Amended Joint Chapter 11 Plan of Ditech Holding Corporation and its Affiliated Debtors (the “Plan”) in order to provide certain information to Beneficiaries of the GUC Recovery Trust established under the Plan.  This is not the website of the United States Bankruptcy Court and is not the official claims register. This website is provided as a convenience to Beneficiaries of the GUC Recovery Trust and should not be relied upon for any financial, legal or other professional advice. All documents filed with the Bankruptcy Court are available for inspection at the office of the Clerk of the Bankruptcy Court during normal business hours or online at (i) the Bankruptcy Court’s website, or (ii) the website maintained by the official claims agent for the Debtors at:  https://dm.epiq11.com/case/ditech/info.  The GUC Recovery Trust makes no representations or warranties regarding the claim agent’s website or the information posted thereon.